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The new BSP 3-Stage Anti-Microbial Depth Filtration Cartridges are an industry first, utilising a layer of nylon infused with Silver-Ions containing anti-bacterial properties. This not only provides an effective barrier to trap and retain variously sized particulates, but now inhibits the growth of trapped bacteria and neutralises microbes within the filter media.

BSP developed the Anti-Microbial Depth Cartridges for the FIlter Pot to prevent premature blocking from bacterial biofilm, e.g. Pseudomonas, on the surface of the cartridge filter, thus allowing more corrosion debris to be captured by the cartridge media.

BSRIA recognises that filters of any sort are a well-known habitat for bacteria, which can then spread throughout the system. By including the BSP Filter Pot and the BSP 3-Stage Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filters in your heating or cooling system, you are taking a proactive approach and a first step to not only cleaning your system water of dirt and debris, but also reducing a known home for damaging bacteria.

The 3-Stage Anti-Microbial Depth Filtration Process

Stage 1 – Mechanical Retention

As liquid from the outer surface is sent twisting and turning on a tortuous path through the BSP Cartridge Filter, particles become caught in the densely packed fibres within the depth filter – this sieving, or interception, is known as mechanical retention. With the introduction of graded-depth filtration, a broad range of particulates can be captured across the entirety of the media.

Stage 2 – Absorptive Retention

From the outside in, the media fibres become more densely packed with larger particulates captured first, allowing smaller particles to be progressively intercepted within the body of the filter. As well as the physical interception, fibres also naturally attract particles via Van de Waal’s force. This adhesion process is known as absorptive retention.

Stage 3 – Bacterial Neutralisation

You don’t want bacteria like Pseudomonas in your system, and especially blocking your filter! In closed systems, the primary concern is debris, and the second is biofouling which, through fungal and biofilm growth, can be significant if left unchecked. The bacteria which cause most problems in closed heating and cooling systems are: sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB), nitrate reducing bacteria, and Pseudomonas. The 0.5┬Á Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter will firstly capture the bacteria, then neutralise it, keeping your cartridge clean and free to capture debris, it’s primary function.

Product Specifications
Item CodeDescription
CFR20200410.5µm BSP 3-Stage Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter
CFR20200425µm BSP 3-Stage Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter
CFR202004320µm BSP 3-Stage Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter
CFR202004450µm BSP 3-Stage Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter