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Stainless Steel Dirt and Air Separator


  • All Stainless Steel Construction, including Valves and Fittings
  • Up to 10Bar Working Pressure
  • SS AAV and Full Bore Vent for Manual Venting
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Dirt Separation
  • Active Deaeration
  • Combined Temperature and Pressure Gauges supplied as Standard
  • Internal 316SS Mesh for Greater Micro-Bubble and Coalescence Creation, and Dirt Interception

The Stainless Steel BSP Dirt and Air Separator provides reassurance of trouble-free operation, even in the harshest of elements commonly found in plant rooms all over the globe. This simple, cost-effective solution helps remove air and dirt from your HVAC system, whilst also providing trouble free operation.

Air release has been designed around Henry’s Law, which states that air is released from water as the temperature increases, or the pressure decreases. The SS316 Micro-Bubble Separator makes clever use of this very phenomenon and conducts a deaeration cycle through the system. Further, it doesn’t add to the potential of corroding as other mild steel products do.

Simple and Effective

Dirt Separation

The new BSP Dirt and Air Separator incorporates a 316SS Wire Mesh Separation Element for added corrosion resistance. This intercepts even the smallest of dirt particles. The low flow area below the central body ensures any debris falls to the lower extremities where collected dirt can be removed quickly and easily through the blow-down drain valve.

Air Separation

Air Separation, or Deaeration, is achieved when the circulating water enters the body of the vessel and a slight pressure drop occurs, producing micro-bubbles. At the heart of the Low Loss Header is the 316SS Wire Mesh Separation Element which then guides the micro-bubbles up and out through the SS Automatic Air Vent, located at the top of the unit.

Product Specifications
Item CodeDescriptionMax. WP
DAS202032SS DIRT & AIR SEPARATOR – DN50/2” (PN10 Flanged)10 Bar
DAS202033SS DIRT & AIR SEPARATOR – DN65/2 ½” (PN10 Flanged)10 Bar
DAS202034SS DIRT & AIR SEPARATOR – DN80/3” (PN10 Flanged)10 Bar
DAS202035SS DIRT & AIR SEPARATOR – DN100/4” (PN10 Flanged)10 Bar