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Section for announcements etc.

This is purely for you to add what you need customers to know. New items will appear here, and the previous one will move to the news page. Please see my comments on various pages and if you click Read More below.

  • Once the site is up and live, you will have access to this section to do with as you please. You can also add an image, although the image will only appear if you click “read more” or if you if you view it on the news page.
  • Not sure why the flag didn’t show up on the previous site – it is there now.
  • Not sure what to do about the Installers, Merchants etc. ??? can’t find a nice looking option. Also – should these all go to the same page, with a break for each section or go to their own pages?
  • Need info for the Training page – it has no content at the moment, its just there (and the Installers, etc link to that as a temporary “go to”).
  • The (click on code to view images) on each of the products pages will open a new window for the image of that specific item. Once the 3d rotations are ready, this is probably where they will go.
  • I will work on the Filter Pot disassembly image once the site is up and I have more time to do it properly – rather than a quick fix
  • I will also make a “collage” of images off the brochure for the filter cartridge.
  • I still need words (I have the renders) of what you want for the Filter Monitor.
  • I think we need new pictures for the Team as well as an additional blurb here as an introduction to the team???

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But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a

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