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Next generation side stream technology

Our pioneering Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter technology marks a giant leap forwards in HVAC efficiency, savings, user safety and operational costs.


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The technology

Our technology utilises micron-sized zeolite structures which are used as a carrier for the Anti-Microbial agent. By optimising the fibre diameter to the active particle size, we maximise the surface area and hence the efficacy of the Anti-Microbial to the fluid stream being filtered.

most frequently asked questions
Does this improve debris removal?

Yes, our Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter improves absolute removal ratings for consistent and reliable performance. Additionally, the graded density structure improves maximum dirt holding capacity for longer durations between maintenance cycles.

Does the Anti-Microbial technology effect Pseudomonas bacteria?

Yes, in independent testing to ASTM 2149 standards our Anti-Microbial technology reduced Pseudomonas bacteria by 99.9999%.

Does the Anti-Microbial technology effect any other bacteria / microbes?

Yes, Standard ASTM demonstrated anti-microbial effects on Staphylococcus aureus (S.aureus), Escherichia coli (E.coli) and Bacillus subtilis (b.subtilis).

What is the Anti-Microbial technology made from?

We use a specially curated treatment of Silver (Ag) and Zinc (Zn) particles applied on a micron scale providing effective bacteria control.

Will Anti-Microbial technology reduce biofilm?

Yes, a great benefit of our technology is it's effect on biofilm's and biofouling. Our technology prevents biofilm build up on the filter surface, extending filter life and reducing operating costs (additional filters & increased pump power). Additionally, biofouling is far reduced leading to greater system efficiencies and thermal output.

Do Anti-Microbial filter's increase user safety?

Yes, dirty, blocked filter housings often become perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and microbes, leading to potentially harmful concentrations. Our Anti-Microbial filters reduce and eliminate harmful bacteria and microbes, ensuring safe handling and maintenance.