Key Features

Automatic Alarm

Maintenance Made Easy

The BG29 Monitor accurately tracks the condition of your Filter Pot, only notifying you when a blockage is detected. This ensures your system continues to be monitored all of the time, safe guarding your plant room equipment and prolonging energy savings.
BSRIA Compliance


BSRIA BG29/2021 Guidance states that Side Stream Filters should be "fitted with a differential pressure indicator" "so that they can be cleaned or media replaced in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations".
Self Calibrating

A Filter Monitor That Learns!

No matter which micron rated Filter is loaded into the Filter Pot, the BG29 Monitor will self calibrate, ensuring your Filters only alarm when 100% blocked, saving time, money, and the environment.
Added Functionality

Made For More

The BG29 Monitor is compatible to measure pressure differential across a variety of equipment including Filter Housings, Plate Heat Exchangers, Strainers, and Heating/Cooling Coils.
BMS Compatibility

BMS Connectivity

The BG29 Monitor features our BMS relay Alarm, allowing for remote monitoring of your Filter Pot System.

BG29 Monitor Design

Filter Pot Design


The BG29 Monitor is supplied with the Controller, 2No. Pressure Transducers, 240V AC Mains Fly Lead and BMS Connectivity.

Complete Filter Monitoring

Prepackaged, Tested and Compliant

The BG29 Monitor is suitable for use with the entire Filter Pot range and a wide range of products with a maximum working pressure out of the box of up to 30Bar with working conditions of -40 to 100°C.

30 Bar Working Pressure

High Pressure Design

Our Industry Leading design includes our innovative % blocked display, which allows for greater tracking of the internal Filter condition and allows for pre-emptive predictive maintenance.

Blocked % Display

pre-emptive predictive maintenance

The innovative BG29 Monitor has been designed to fit in the smallest of installation spaces. The ultra compact design only requires 120 x 122 x 88mm space and features wall mounting brackets for easy installation.

Ultra Compact Design

Install Anywhere, monitor everywhere

A Complete Solution.

The BG29 Monitor is supplied with everything that you need to monitor your Filter Pot Installation including; BG29 Monitor, 2No. Pressure Transducers and BMS Connectivity.


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Mustoe Engineering Ltd
"We’re delighted with the results after a long and patient process which will save the client a whole load of energy and maintenance costs."
ARRon Green
"Plenty of Filter Pots supplied and installed this week on a variety of sites and heating systems, ready to get these systems back into a healthy, clean state, improving energy efficiencies without the need of full flushing works, saving 1000's in wasted water and energy!"
Viridian Trading
"Today marks the first complete week from installation of the new Filter Pot Micro. We are excited to show you the results at 1 full week. The closed loop AC Chilled Water system was professionally, and thoroughly, cleaned and flushed through prior to installation and still the Filter Pot manages to capture impurities within the system. During commission a 20micron cartridge filter was installed as we continuously improve water quality towards industry best practice, 5micron.