Dispelling Myths

Dirt and air separator manufacturers want you to believe that dirt hits the internal mesh and falls to the bottom of the vessel into the dirt pocket ready for removal and any micro-bubbles gather on the internal mesh and simply rise to the top of the vessel and evacuate via the AAV.

In reality, where the system is operating with a water velocity of 1.0m/s+, we can see that most of the dirt & air simply passes through the product in a fraction of a second leaving the mesh with virtually no chance of collection or removal (left video).

Why does a system contain sludge, dirt, and debris when a dirt and air separator is installed?

Dirt & air Separators have been around in the HVAC market for a while and whilst at first thought they look like a great solution, in reality they leave much to be desired.

Filter Pot achieves both air and dirt removal, by firstly slowing down the fluid, secondly by natural coalescence of micro-bubbles, and finally capturing both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt particles with both rare earth magnets and our cartridge filter technology (Right Video),

Magnetic Optimisation

At BSP we believe in continuous development, drawing inspiration from scientific studies, industry experience, and our research. Through development, we have optimised the shape and positioning of the magnetic array within the Filter Pot to improve space and magnetic particle collection. This dynamic approach enables the magnets in our side stream filter to not interfere with each other, this intercepting interference is shown in the video on the left video (competitor design). The video on the right shows the Filter Pot innovation, no intercepting magnetic fields, producing stronger collecting power resulting in less clogging of the cartridge filter below with un-collected magnetite.

In our solution the magnetic field interception is far reduced, meaning we can collect a far greater amount of magnetite before saturation. This enables the Filter Pot range to achieve greater saving potentials in less time, increasing your return on investment.

Anti-microbial Magnificence

An industry first, pioneered by BSP. Anti-Microbial Cartridge filtration is a generational leap in the Side Stream Filtration industry offering benefits to user safety, system efficiency restoration and filter longevity.

The unique Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter technology utilises micron-sized silver and zinc particles which have outstanding anti-microbial properties.

When tested, our cartridge filers have shown an outstanding 99.9999% reduction of Pseudomas Aeruginosa Biofilms*. This not only significantly reduces the surface buildup, ensuring extended filter life but also increases user safety by removing hazards associated with handling harmful microbial growth.

When compared to other filter technologies (Left Video) the anti-microbial filter offers greater filtration efficiency, eliminates biofouling, prevents biofilm build-up, extends filter life, increases dirt holding capability, reduces operating costs and provides BSRIA grade filtration down to 0.5 micron.

*Tested to ASTM 2149 Standards.

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