Not Your Morning Coffee

Ever had a sip of coffee that was just too strong to handle? Well, imagine that intensity, but instead of coffee, it's your system water.

Recently, an existing customer reached out to BSP with a photo of their system water, revealing soaring iron levels. That's not just strong, that's concerning and damaging to systems! Iron buildup can lead to corrosion, reduced heat transfer efficiency, and increased energy consumption.

Our team estimated that their system was operating at a staggering 25-30% below its designed efficiency. This means not only were they experiencing reduced performance, but they were also likely facing higher operational costs and potential equipment damage over time.


"Today marks the first complete week from installation of the new Filter Pot Micro. We are excited to show you the results at 1 full week. The closed loop AC Chilled Water system was professionally, and thoroughly, cleaned and flushed through prior to installation and still the Filter Pot manages to capture impurities within the system. During commission a 20 micron cartridge filter was installed as we continuously improve water quality towards industry best practice, 5 micron."

Viridian Trading


But fear not, BSP is all about solutions. Leveraging our expertise, we introduced this customer to the BSP Filter Pot Mini Side Stream Filter and Dosing Unit, a proven solution that has been installed in over 40 systems across their portfolio. This innovative technology effectively removes contaminants like iron from system water, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for their equipment.

Not only are their systems now on the path to cleanliness and efficiency, but with our clever energy calculator, we were able to demonstrate a tangible return on investment for the installed equipment in under 12 months. That's what we call a win-win situation – improved performance, extended equipment life, and cost savings!

If your system water is giving you more of a shock than your morning coffee, it's time to take action. Contact BSP today, and let's work together to ensure your system is running at its peak performance. Cheers to cleaner, more efficient operations!