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Stainless Steel FILTER POT Side Stream Filter and Dosing Unit

Filter Pot Midi, incorporating

  • BSRIA BG29 and BG50 Compliant Side Stream Filtration
  • Suitable for System Volumes up to 375,000L and 16Bar Max Working Pressure and a Max Working Temperature of up to 110°C
  • BSRIA BG29 and BG50 Dosing Pot with 22L Capacity
  • Magnetic Particle Removal with Rare Earth Magnets
  • Non-Magnetic Particle Removal with 3-Stage Depth Cartridge Filtration
  • Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filtration, ranges from: 50µ, 20µ, 5µ and 0.5µ
  • Air Removal, including Micro-Bubbles
  • All Stainless Steel Construction, including all Valves and Fittings
  • Unique Drain and Fill Feature
  • Combined Temperature and Pressure Gauge included as Standard
  • Insulation Jacket included as Standard

Whatever your system size, BSP’s Commercial Side Stream Filters not only protect your new heating or cooling system, increase system efficiencies for older systems but also extend the life of your system as a whole.

BSP’s FILTER POT MIDI Side Stream Filter and Dosing Unit has been designed to look after the medium to large heating and cooling systems with an increased maximum working pressure of up to 16Bar and capable of filtering system volumes of up to 375,000L in a 24 hour period to BSRIA Standards.

Recommended and complying with the latest BSRIA BG29 and BG50 Guidelines, the FILTER POT MIDI is the innovative solution to removing dirt and debris down to an Industry Best 0.5µ with its Unique Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter.

The MIDI’s High Magnetic Powerful Performance lies at the heart of the Filter. The intuitive design allows for the system water to be stripped of the Magnetic Corrosion Debris by the Inline Rare-Earth Magnetic Grate before entering a second filtering chamber containing an innovative, 3-Stage Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filter. This results in the Cartridge Filter capturing more Non-Magnetic Debris and operating for longer periods before filter changes.

Each BSP FILTER POT can be easily configured to specific system requirements. From the initial point of installation onto an old or dirty system, the FILTER POT can be arranged to filter in the Magnet Only Mode. This captures as much of the heavy magnetic rust corrosion particles from the system water as possible. This process removes the bulk of heavy solids before the introduction of the Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filters. The Cartridge Filters can be simply introduced when the reduction of magnetic debris begins to reduce on the surface of the Magnetic Grate. Polishing the System Water can then begin down to an industry best 0.5µ.

Product Specifications
Item CodeDescriptionMax. WP
FPM202012SS FILTER POT MIDI Side Stream Filter and Dosing Unit (System Volumes <375,000L)16 Bar