Back to School

I received a call from a valued customer at 9am on Monday with a request for 2 of our new Filter Pot micro’s asap for a couple of plantrooms they were finishing off at a University. I asked, sure, when do you need them by? Customer, lunchtime today? We can fit one this afternoon and the other one tomorrow morning.

And the reason? The students were turning up as we speak and the heating needed to be on. After a 95 mile dash, the 2 pots were delivered by 12.15pm. It’s what BSP do! Customers first!


"Today marks the first complete week from installation of the new Filter Pot Micro. We are excited to show you the results at 1 full week. The closed loop AC Chilled Water system was professionally, and thoroughly, cleaned and flushed through prior to installation and still the Filter Pot manages to capture impurities within the system. During commission a 20 micron cartridge filter was installed as we continuously improve water quality towards industry best practice, 5 micron."

Viridian Trading