Sustainably building new cities

From the small to the BIG jobs, call on BSP! When a very prestigious client needed to clean a brand new district cooling network project in Abu Dhabi with minimum water loss, they came a knocking! 2 x BSP designed and supplied Filter Pot MEGA Side Stream Filters were utilised.

Capturing both magnetic and non-magnetic material with our industry leading Rare Earth Magnets & Anti-Microbial Cartridge Filters which capture and neutralise bacteria down to 0.5 micron. With a Total System Volume (SV) of 5,600,000 Litres and 15 Km in length! This project will be delivered with absolutely minimal wastewater discharge! Against traditional methods that's a saving of 66,000,000 Litres of make-up and waste water, equivalent to 36 Olympic-size swimming pools!

The number of tanker trips required to fill fresh water and remove wastewater? Overall diesel consumption from the pumps? Overall project lead time? Will be drastically reduced! All positive impacts on the project and the environment right? Our clients think so.

Food for thought. Just another way of decarbonisation of future DCP projects. We can help with all sizes of Side Stream Filtration, and all to the latest BSRIA Standards from small 1000 Litre ASHP Systems all the way up to the? Well, the skies the limit with BSP!


"Today marks the first complete week from installation of the new Filter Pot Micro. We are excited to show you the results at 1 full week. The closed loop AC Chilled Water system was professionally, and thoroughly, cleaned and flushed through prior to installation and still the Filter Pot manages to capture impurities within the system. During commission a 20 micron cartridge filter was installed as we continuously improve water quality towards industry best practice, 5 micron."

Viridian Trading